Hello Tron fans,

In this blog, we will write about every suit that we got, why we made them, what are the particular advantages and disadvantages of each. We will write about them in the chronological timeline as we made them.

Tron Dance

This was the first suit that we made and it was 3rd  design of LED costumes made in the world. We have started making this suit after this segment was shown in the USA and Japan. We have really updated the flexibility and durability of the suit in years when we used them for our own shows. It means suits can last a very long time before they broke and you can repair just everything for cheap.

3. Original Tron Dance

Picture 1 – Tron Dance Costumes

The big advantages of this costume are low storage requirements, universal sizes, easy to transport, fast suits changes in case something breaks, and absence of odor after using it (you just wash your black shirts).

The main disadvantage is a quite long time to put them and prepare cables (5 dancers about 1 hour).

Tron Dance Gen II

This is our updated version of Tron Dance suits. We have made this costume with a different purpose compare original Tron Dance. We have really focus on fast dress-up when we have been picking final skelet and materials due to some of our events require this option or when we do a combinate show with dark and light (dancers start to dance in dark and they take our costumes and continue during light). Also, we were able to fit a lot of LED strips on it, so it looks just massive. All upper cables are implemented in costume, so they are also very durable.

Picture 2 – Tron Dance Gen II

The main disadvantage is transport possibilities because you need really a lot of suitcases to fit in when you go to the event. Also, when you take a spare suit, you need to take this big upper part, with 5 dancers you are taking 5 big pieces of luggage compares to just 3 luggage with the original Tron Dance. This is a reason why we don´t do a lot of international shows with this suit because we usually travel by airplane.

Tron Girls

This suit was our first costume made for females and we really wanted different feelings to compare Tron Dance costumes. That´s the reason why we have pick fiber optic cable because you are able to flex them and put it on fabric to copy the shape what is not possible with standard LED strips (they have to be filled on hard material as plastic). For that reason, we did some R&D and adjust our receivers, and added another technology – UV (blacklight) but with the possibility of synchronizing it with our show.

Picture 3 – Tron Girls costume

Suits advantages are, very easy to transports when your LED diode breaks are super easy to change it and the costume can be destroyed just when fabric tears. Fiber optic what you can see on the costume is practically undestroyable. Also, it is very easy to shape fiber optic, so it can copy anything, but you need to be very careful don´t bend it too much to not lose your led light.

The main disadvantage of this costume is the brightness of fiber optic that is 80% lover compare to LED strips but for real live event conditions we use standard LED strips just for 7%, so you can see everything as you should.

Tron Man

We have made this suit to have a design of smart looking gentlemen dancing in the dark and also possibilities to prepare Michal Jackson’s show when it will be necessary. For this reason, we have used fabric as a material with a combination of LED diodes and fiber optic cable and added also UV aspect (blacklight) as an extra “WoW factor”.

Tron Man 1

Picture 4 – Tron Man costumes

The main advantages of these costumes is dance flexibility, good looking suits also during daylight, easy diode changes if necessary.

Suits’ disadvantages are fix sizes, so they are not so universal as other costumes, the receiver is under a jacket, so your back will be hotter than other parts of the body. The main problem is that we have lunch these suits just before corona starts, so there haven´t been a lot of opportunities to use the suits in real events.

Tron Dolls

Tron Dolls was made because some of our clients had a problem with complete blackout during the events. It´s not always an opportunity, make this happens so we needed to offer them something that is still interesting to book. The second reason was to make the costume a little bit “sexier costumes” that´s suits different types of events compare Tron Girls costumes that are much more covered and you don´t see “any skin” 😊. To dig maximum potential of the costume we did two very different versions of the costume and our clients can pick from the white version, where we added UV (blacklight)

Picture 5 – Tron Dolls – White version

or black version that suits twilights, light conditions, where we use only LED technology. Also, these suits have just 3 segments in total compare to 16 segments, which we use in different costumes.

Tron Girls Dolls Black Version 3

Picture 6 – Tron Dolls – Black version

The main advantages of these costumes is simplicity, no cables that can be seen, seductive design, option to perform during twilight conditions, easy to pack.

The main disadvantage is the skirt that is the easiest part where LED can be damaged, so we are still trying to make it more resistant.

Pixel Suit

Pixel suit is the latest costume that we have made. We are using pixels instead of analog LED strips as the name says, which allows you to play videos on the costume or change each pixel separately compare the whole segment as you do in analog. Also, we have installed really a lot of pixels on the suits, so you can see actually logos of the clients in the middle but it also brings some disadvantages as less movements, really fast battery drains, or heating during dancing in the costume. All of these reasons are all physicals aspects that you can’t bypass due to a big quantity of LED strips. Controllers for this costume are the latest high end, and it took us a really lot of work and R&D to have the functionality of programming in real time and playing shows “offline” from SD card in the purpose of doing fluent events in real life conditions.

The main advantages of the costumes is playing videos and logos on the suit, really beautiful effects that can be made, lot of pixels that are installed on the suit.

The main disadvantage of the costume is fast battery drain (due to the big quantity of pixels), in general, longer programming of the show compare to analog technology, heavier and harder to transport pixel suit. Recently we have just one costume and still are in progress of making other ones but it´s really expensive to make them and take a lot of time.

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