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Where is your company based?

We are based in Bratislava, Slovakia (in Europe).

Why should I choose your company to make an LED show for me?

Our LED shows are exclusive due to:
⁃ high-end programming software developed by our company
⁃ possibility to create various LED effects combined with other LED technology (LED screen, lasers, beam lights)
⁃ LED suits design created to enhance dancers’ movement with high product life-expectancy
⁃ LED suits designed to be repairable and sustainable
⁃ professional dance team with wide-scale of performing skills (TV shows, back-up dancing with artists, talent shows)
⁃ experience in this business field since 2013
⁃ dance pool of 50 dancers (for bigger projects the possibility of 100 dancers)

What are the technical requirements for an LED show?

  • a high-quality set of speakers and 3.5 cm jack output,
  • stage set-up in the dark environment (no external lightning during the show),
  • we provide the rest of the equipment, unless specified, the show itself is played from PC, and suit controllers.


Why do we fly from Vienna or Budapest if we are based in Bratislava?

The Bratislava airport is small and offers less direct flights to our frequent destinations. The Vienna airport, Schwechat, is just an hour from Bratislava and offers a wide range of flights, which is why we use this airport for 98% for our travels. Sometimes we use the Budapest airport, which is approximately 2 hours away from our main office, but this is only for specific destinations.

Is a rehearsal necessary for every event?

Yes, it really is. First of all we need to check the stage conditions: the dimensions and height of the stage, what is the positioning of things located on the stage, where are the stairs, exits, etc.. Another reason is that we need to make sure that all the equipment is working correctly and there are no disruptions to the signal, so that our PC and controllers can communicate with the suits during the performance without a hitch.

Can I synchronize LED show with lasers, beam lights and LED screen?

Definitely, we are able to synchronize our LED dance show with LED screen content, beam lights or lasers. Just tell us your idea for the event and we will create a custom offer for you.

Can I have a custom-made choreography for my event?

Yes, you can. We can prepare custom choreography for any themed event, to any music. We can also incorporate any corporate product or logo (we usually make an LED version of it). For more information, contact us with your event idea and we’ll be happy to provide more details.

Can I have an LED back-up dancer for my artist?

Yes you can. We can create custom-made shows to any specified artist’s playlist, cooperate with them on the stage, or offer an LED dance suit for the artist as well. We can also travel to festivals, concerts or on tour with the artist.

Can I synchronize LED dancers with any objects, vehicles or corporate items?

Our company can turn any object into an LED object. If you need to surprise your audience with LED company logo, LED vehicle or if you are launching a new product and you want to make it shine, you are in the right place.

Can I rent the LED suits for my event?

Yes, our company provides renting services. If you need our LED suit for your special occasion, contact us with your requirements.

To which country can I rent the LED suits?

We rent LED suits worldwide.

How does the rent work?

Firstly, you will need to contact us with all the details about your LED suits rental (number of suits, place of event, dates, etc.). Secondly, you will need a choreographer, who creates the dance choreography, team of dancers and our technician. For more information, here is the link to our blog on how the usual suit rental looks like.

Is the size of the LED suits adjustable?

Yes, you can adjust our LED suits to any size of arms, legs, chest and waist. Our suits are unisex and can be adjusted to variety of body types. The minimum height is 150 cm and the maximum is 210 cm.

Are there any issues with washing the LED suit?

Our LED suits are made of plastic parts, that are located and fastened on your own black T-shirt and black trousers. There is no problem with disassembling the plastic parts and washing the clothes. In comparison with our competition, we do not use textile LED suits that are difficult to wash, because of the tech equipment sewn to it.

Can I pick any possible color on the suit?

Yes, you can pick any color from the color palette.

How can I program the show after I rent the LED suits?

There are two options:
1.) we can send you the LED suits and you can program the whole LED show by yourself with pre-paid deposit, which will be returned back after we receive the LED suits (we do not recommend this option if you have not used the software before).
2.) we can send one of our well-trained and skilled technicians who can program the LED show for you. They can provide you with advice on many aspects of the show: which LED effects look the best for your show, how to put on/take off the suits, how to properly unpack the LED suits we have provided (recommended, especially for new customers).

Can I do physically demanding shows, for example break-dance, with your LED costumes?

Yes, you can! Our LED suits do not limit your movement. Naturally, you need to get used to the suit first and find out what moves look the best for you, but it should not be a problem.

Why should I buy an LED suits from you? I have seen cheaper LED suits from Asia.

Our LED suit materials are tested, sustainable and of higher quality. They have a long product life expectancy. The design of the LED suit is also tested and tailored by our company for maximum utility.

We have also developed a unique user-friendly software that helps you get the best outcome for your LED show. In addition, our customer service is an invaluable asset for all our customers. We will give you around-the-clock online help, give you access to tutorials on how to program the show, how to put on/take off the suit, how to repair and maintain your equipment – everything you need to successfully run the show.

What is the biggest difference between our LED suits and the suits made in Asia?

Mainly the experience from performing the shows. Our priority is performing shows, not only manufacturing LED suits that are not tested by the experience, like the manufacturers in Asia often do. We really try to make our suits sustainable, and to provide tech with least errors and quickest and easiest maintanance.

How can I control the LED suits?

There are two options for controlling our LED suits:
1.) First option is to control the LED suit in real time through our LED controller and the LSS software. You can see all changes that you do in LSS software on the LED suits in real time.
2.) Second option is via an SD card (offline). When you insert the SD card into the control unit with battery running, the LED effects start immediately. We use this option mainly when we need to walk on the streets or present ourselves at expo events (not recommended for a live show).

Can I program the show without the suits connected?

Yes, you can! We always program the shows without having LED suits paired to the controller. Once the show is programmed, you can synchronize all the dancers to the LED controller and you can immediately run a full rehearsal.

Is the LSS control software for free?

You can download our software for free and use it for 30 days or 10 runs. After the expiration date you will need a license key. If you buy any of our suits, the LSS software is included in the price of hardware.

How can I learn to program in LSS software?

You can check our tutorial videos in the Blog where we explain everything step by step https://troneventagency.com/lss-turorials/

Is your software difficult to use?

Depends on your previous experience and skill-set. If you have ever worked with music or video editing software you will find it is quite easy to use. If not, it will require some time to get used to it.

How can I find out if something is not working properly?

If there is anything broken or not connected, you will see it immediately. Parts that are not working will be pink. Why pink? Because our suits are in RGB colors – red, green and blue. If any of the three colors doesn’t work the whole part becomes pink. The issue can sometimes be in a broken cable on the suit or connection between the computer, controller, and receiver.

How durable are the suits? How can I repair them?

Our suits are extremely durable. We currently sell the 3.1 version and all of our past experience was implemented in these suits. It‘s almost impossible to break the LED suits. If anything doesn’t work properly, you can repair each part individually. Be it the strips, plastic parts, controller or receiver, it can be fixed individually without affecting or needing to replace the rest. We have been using our suits for about 5 years now, and they are still in great working condition. As with any equipment, you just need to take proper care of them.

Are LED suits safe to wear?

Absolutely, yes. There is no chance for you to get injured by any electric part of the LED suit, everything is properly insulated and completely safe to use. Worst-case scenario, you break your hand during all the break dancing ?.

What is the difference between analogue and digital LED suits?

There are lot of differences but the main one is how you can control pixels (LED). In analog LED suits you can control each part, or segment. In digital you can control each pixel, or LED. For more details you can check out blog. https://troneventagency.com/what-is-main-difference-between-digital-and-analog-led-strips/

How many days does it take from buying a suit until the courier delivers it to me?

As soon as we receive the confirmation of payment to our bank account or via PayPal (this normally takes about 1-2 working days to be processed from when you first make the purchase) we will send the LED suits the next working day, two days at the very latest. From that point on it all depends on where you are located and whether you have chosen economy or express class delivery.

Are we VAT registered?

Yes we are. Our VAT number is: SK2022320652

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