Hello Tron fans,

It´s already more than 2 years since the pandemic happened and events went to a total halt. There were just a few online events but not that many at all.

Miami Event

Picture 1: Tron Man show in West Palm Beach / USA

In our experience, evets started to slowly come back in December 2021 and we had at least one event every month that was already pretty good compared to nothing that was a reality during a pandemic.

Picture 2: Tron Dolls during the wedding performance

In the last 2 months events really skyrocketed and we finally hit pre-pandemic levels in the number of events in Jun. We are very glad for that, even more for all our dancers and technicians that could stay in the business and didn´t need to change their profession.

Riyadh event

Picture 3: Riyadh Event in Saudi Arabia

Unfortunately, summer is not really the season for us due all corporations have a holiday season in Europe and because corporations are our most often clients there are not that many events left but September looks like events will happen again. We are really crossing our fingers for that. We are attending a few festivals with our LED suits, so let´s hope we will see there 🙂 .


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