Hello Tron Fans,

In this blog, we are going to write about the LED controllers that we offer to everyone who wants to make LED Tron Dance suits by themselves.

How does it work?

We are offering multiple types of controllers, from quite simple that have just 3 different channels threw Tron Dance or Tron Girls /Tron Man controllers with 16 or 18 different channels that are done in two different variants 12 and also 5 volts that are for different types of LED to the most advanced controller for pixel suits that are unique on the market due they can program live show where you can see everything in real-time with the optionality of just triggering show with “offline” mode best suitable for real events where is a lot of WIFI disruption due to a lot of people are at the same place plus often a lot of different electronic devices in case of Tv studios and big events, sport ceremonies etc.

Video where we speak about our Tron  Dance suits:

Video where we spoke about the newest Pixel controllers:

Picture 1: Dance / Girls / Man receiver

Picture 2: Pixel receiver and controller

All of these controllers are controlled by LED Strip Studio software 2 or 3 for pixel controllers.

Everything is also made in-house which means we fully control all aspects and can easily update them because we are using it on daily bases also.

Video where we speak about the software:

Is it hard to make LED suit?

Well, it really depends on Your personal skill plus what kind of suits you want to make and control. Our Dolls costumes are super easy to set up and program. Tron Dance, Man, and Girls offer better options on what you can program and how complex programming can be, but it´s still quite easy. The most advance and hard to program is pixel costume. On another hand, this costume has much more options for what you can do with it but also it´s the most expensive option.

We are offering solutions for any type of client, everything really depends on what you want to have. If you got any questions, don´t hesitate to ask.