Hello Tron fans,

We just finished our latest product lunch and it was really amazing. We have been in Bergamo / Italy where we could show to VIP Italian clients the new electric model of Porsche Taycan.

(The video was edited from the source video that is property of Centro Porsche Bergamo)

We really love it when we can help our client to promote such an amazing new product as a fully electric car that they bring to market and make the experience of seeing it for the very first time with something extraordinary as an LED dance show can be.


Picture 1: Tron Girls during choreography (photo by: Centro Porsche Bergamo)

When we have lunch in the car and our dancers changed to normal clothes, they went to take some pictures and all paparazzi came to staring take plenty of pictures of what our dancers just love.


Picture 2: Tron Girls revealing Porshe Taycan (photo by: Centro Porsche Bergamo)


Would you like to give your client an experience like this? Don´t hesitate to contact us and we can have a world about it.