First Tron Girls show. It’s all about the combination of LED & UV lights synchronized with the music. Additionally, we are able to incorporate the LED screens, beam lights, lasers or projection into the show.

Available from 3-15 dancers. Possibility of a bigger dancer pool.


Second Tron Girls choreography made on a dubstep soundtrack is full of energy, tricks with the lights, and amazing effects. Dive deep into our show and discover new art. We are able to make and use any LED object in the show.


Welcome to the world of oriental music, exotic movements, and extraordinary dance. Bring your event something special and surprise your audience with the “WoW” factor. Take a picture with our glowing girls after the event and make a memory for all life.


Design a unique experience for your event attendees! We can adjust our choreographies or create a tailor-made one, to perfectly fit your event theme. Tell us your idea and we make it happen!


This option is about incorporating brand elements into our Tron Girls show or into a custom-made choreography. You can choose from various options, such as synchronization with corporate video on LED screen, LED corporate logo, LED suits rental for company employees, etc. We can create a tailor-made solution for any client’s requirements to make the show in-line with your corporate identity.


Tron Event Agency can provide Tron Girls show on a bigger scale up to 15 dancers. We can include a synchronized laser show, video content on LED screen, beam lights or we can create any LED object related to your corporate identity (logo, product, etc.). Dancers can cover a huge space indoors / outdoors.