Do you want to know, what is the main difference between analog LED VS digital LED suits? In our article, we will explain everything that you need to know about both of the technologies and much more!

We start this blog with a comparison below, that shows you the main differences between Analog and Digital LED strips.
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  Analog Digital
Colors only one different for each LED
Controls on hardware level DMX SPI
Typical user control DMX console or software video software, live video stream, Art-Net, SD-card
Voltage 12V, 24V, 220V 5V
Typical number of LEDs per meter 32, 60, 80 30, 32, 42, 60, up to 144
Cut segment 3 or 6 LEDs 1 LED
Typical usage decorative lightning decorative lightning with video projection
Installation easy complicated
Typical current per meter of strip 1A at 12V, 0.5A at 24V 1.2A at 5V
Can be controlled using LED Strip Studio yes (additional LED DMX dimmers are required) yes

 Analog LED strips

Generally, analog strips allow you to change color of the strip, but you can get only one color on the strip at once. Many of Tron Dance groups are using this technology for the show. Majority of them are still using el wire suits. Would you like to know more about them? Visit this blog. 
Analog LED strip uses only one color at once

Way of control Analog LED Strips

Analog strips are frequently controlled over DMX or using remote controls. In case you use single color analog LED strips (usually white), you are able to connect them directly into the power source.

Most common way of controlling analog LED strips is over DMX signal. This allows you to change color of the strips (each part on the suits – 16 parts in total), using standard DMX lightning console (or software).

Picture 1 Tron Dace Suit, made from 16 different parts, where each part can change color separately

Digital LED strips

Digital LED strips are also called video, dream or pixel LED strips. The main benefit comparing to analog LED strips is that you can control every single LED diode color separately. This allows you to use digital LED strips to display even video format. Traditionally, it is achieved thanks to additional chips (IC) assembled directly inside the LED diode or on the digital strip board.
Digital LED strip that can control each pixel separately
Digital LED strips can be used to achieve amazing animated light effects on the suits. They can be used for unique tricks or displaying video content for advertisement purposes during or after show.
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Digital LED strips are usually more complicated to control, since you have to provide video content for the LED strips. Users often use computer software, Art-Net, live video stream or SD card as a video source.
Example of digital suits provided by Skeleton Crew
As you can see, digital suits can display very complex objects or silhouettes. Suits are quite hard to make and it´s much higher investment compared to analog suit. 
Big advantages is that you can make a much better visual show or advertise products for the client. 
Do you like digital suits? We do like them very much and that´s reason, why will we have ours soon :).